Patient Research Advisory Board

The Endometriosis Patient Research Advisory Board (PRAB) informs and guides the program’s research mandate.  Board members are active partners in setting research priorities, writing grant applications, undertaking appropriate research tasks and translating research findings in a format that is easily accessible to patients and their families.


Logo concept:  The three lines represent the three parts of this group as well as the incisions from surgery and how that connects everyone between one another. Using a more stylized triangle, it represents the pelvic area giving it a more organic style that warms the logo up.


  • Written letters of support for 6 successful grant applications
  • Engages in local knowledge translation projects and events
  • Represents the patient voice at team meetings and events
  • Contributes to the publication of a quarterly newsletter
  • Collaborates on 5 research projects as partners

Sex, Pain & Endometriosis Website
Endometriosis & Painful Sex: Piloting Digital Storytelling
Development of a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Deep Painful Sex
Endocation: A pilot randomized controlled trial of an endometriosis education program for secondary school students
Social Media Campaign to raise awareness of a new research for Sex, Pain & Endometriosis
EndoAct Canada: An advocacy initiative to drive policy action for people with endometriosis in Canada


Got Questions?  Please contact the Research Manager, Heather Noga at