Sex, Pain & Endometriosis

Why is sex painful? Am I the only one who finds sex painful? What can I do? Armed with over 10 years of research on painful sex and endometriosis, our aim was to collaborate with patients, clinicians, web developers, and endometriosis advocacy groups to establish a patient-centered digital health platform for people with endometriosis experiencing pain with sex.

Sex, Pain & Endometriosis, is a website where people affected by endometriosis and painful sex can find plain-language explanations of pain etiologies with interactive images, video explanations, actionable ways to self-manage pain, and descriptions about current treatment options.

We created a social media campaign to raise awareness of the Sex, Pain & Endometriosis website. Our efforts resulted in 11,655 website views from 4,316 unique visitors and a 94.67% website engagement rate.  Read the plain language report for our successful campaign here: 

Sex, Pain & Endometriosis Campaign Report