Past Biomedical Research

Neurogenesis and Endometriosis

This study hypothesizes that nerve fibre density, nerve growth factor and mast cells are associated with pain symptoms in endometriosis.  The study includes a retrospective chart review for patients who have undergone surgical excision for endometriosis and immunohistochemistry experiments.

IL1B and Endometriosis

This study involves immunohistochemistry analysis of archival histological endometriosis tissue and clinical information from our Endometriosis Pelvic Pain Interdisciplinary Cohort Data Registry.  Our hypothesis is that exposure to IL-1β and NGF can induce neuronal differentiations of PC12 cells and endometriotic stroma cells in co-culture system. Also, IL-1β and PA system members can promote cell migration and invasion in DIE. In addition, immunohistochemical expression of IL-1β, NGF, uPA and uPAR will be higher in DIE patients and associated with pain.